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Eye Shadow
Eye shadows are made from many of the same natural ingredients, including micronized minerals, botanicals, and pure pigments.

How to Choose the Right Shade

Choosing the right shade is a very personal decision. There are no strict rules when it comes to colors and shades, but here are a few guidelines to follow:

Decide what type for look you want to achieve for yourself.

For a natural look, go with softer earth tones such as taupe and creamy beige with a soft wine or chestnut. As a highlighter use a soft ivory with little or no shimmer.

For blue /green eyes, go for the colors that will make your eyes pop such as deep chestnuts, wines, dark browns and smoky grays. Basically any shade that has reddish to deep purple tones.

For brown eyes try earthy browns, soft grays, burgundy and purples. Mossy greens from light to deep with a hint gold as a highlighter look fabulous for an evening out or holiday party.

More Do's and Don'ts!
1. Don't stay with the same eye shadow for more than 6-months to a year or you'll miss out on some fabulous new shades!
2. Check out new seasonal shades and products that come out each season. There's always something new and fabulous on the market!
3. Don't do your eye makeup shades and styles the same as you did in high school when you are 15-20 years older. Time for a change girlfriend! Stay up-to-date to look great.